Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, froze accounts, to which more than 93,000 ethers were transferred from purses allegedly linked to the troubled Russian WEX exchange. Binance spokesperson Lea Lee said that the wallets were frozen on October 25th. In recent months, many users have anxiously watched the Ethereum blockchain, and in particular, the public wallet of the WEX stock exchange. Accounts were blocked just at the request of users who can not withdraw their money already since July. Attentive users were able to identify two purses that are indirectly owned by WEX. And from August to October, 25 transactions with them were made to Binance accounts for a total of 93 thousand ETH. Given the current market price of esters, it can be concluded that $ 18 million is at risk. The total figure can be much more, since the shuffling has so far been noticed only in the Ethereum blockchain, while other cryptocurrencies are not taken into account.
The situation once again underlines how risky it is to store cryptocurrencies on exchanges. Traders fear that they will not receive their money because they have already been transferred to another exchange. And fear is not in vain. Everyone knows that WEX is the successor to the infrastructure of the now closed BTC-e exchange. Due to ambiguity and even secrecy in the matter of the situation, frustrated traders began to complain to the Russian police.
Why could expect WEX scam?
WEX began its work shortly after the US government closed the BTC-e exchange in July 2017 and awarded the founder Alexander Vinnik a multi-million dollar fine. The launch of WEX founder Dmitry Vasilyev outlined as a BTC-e reboot and assured all users about the restoration of the previous balance sheets.
At Coindesk, they note that the exchange has been working flawlessly for almost a year and has earned trust among former BTC-e users. However, the situation very quickly went downhill. The first calls to this were excessively high prices for many trading pairs represented on the exchange.

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