This Monday a young cryptocurrency investor living in Norway was killed. A young man of 24 years old who lived in the upscale district of Oslo Majorstuene, earning on investments in cryptocurrency Bitcoin decided to successfully sell it for cash.

According to police, the murder occurred on Monday morning between 07:50 and 12:10. According to some assumptions, this happened at the moment when the young man was exchanging Bitcoin cryptocurrency for cash. As a result, his dead body was discovered by a neighbor.

The police suggest that the young entrepreneur was brutally stabbed right after the transfer of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to the intruder’s wallet (s). The head of the city police department, Gret Lien Metlid, said that detectives noted a certain connection between recent similar crimes, but for the purpose of the investigation did not go into the details of the investigation.

A suspect in the murder of a cryptocurrency investor from Norway was put on the international wanted list.
A 20-year-old Swedish citizen, Makaveli Linde, who has just been released from prison, is accused of killing cryptocurrency investor Björklund Paltto. Earlier, Makavely was spotted for drug abuse and theft.

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29.02.2020, 11:03