It is very amusing that in the chat rooms they still “hope = believe” in the fact that once the tokens in their portfolio will become x100!
Everyone is waiting for a miracle, shouting: “bit, grow”, “broadcast, do not let me down”
They are waiting for 20k and 5k, they sit and wait. Do they think it will ever happen again? No, it will not. And even if it is, it is better to accept the opposite.
Decentralization is NOT something special, it is the norm, it existed far from central banks and the financial system. This is NOT the technology of the future, but a return to the past, to the sources of development of any society.
Last year’s HYIP was based on blowing up the importance of the blockchain. But the blockchain is NOT a magic pill, but only a way to store information. Just a way.
People believed in the superb necessity of the blockchain and its profitability. New Internet, new era and coup – as soon as it was not called.
Institutionalists will NOT help, banks will NOT help. They will not buy Bitcoin, do you “X”. And you all shout: “Futures, come on, we are waiting for you!”
“Institutional buy a cue ball, pour their capital!”
What is everyone waiting for? Waiting for this market to become centralized?
Like gold, dollar, stocks?
Almost a year has passed, and people in telegram chat rooms did not understand anything …
Nothing prevents you from performing a bitcoin transaction. Use it for its intended purpose, as the “currency of the world”, to do something useful to improve this world, to help this industry, and not to rot it. Take part in the development of ready-made solutions. Study smart contracts, implement them yourself in real life. Raise the nodes, mine for the future, be part of the coolest projects, take a professional approach to trading and much more.
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have given a huge field for development and the ability to change, pump, invest in themselves, expand their knowledge.
And not just buy, wait, and then sell. With the same success and thinking of the 90s, you can keep a dot in the market with tomatoes. Bought cheaper, sold more expensive.
And if such people call themselves “investors”, then let all the same be the second wave and it will finally wash away this layer of weak players.

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07.04.2020, 10:34