On October 4, 2018, every resident of the US state of Alaska will receive an annual payment of $ 1,600 from oil sales. Agree that, although for Americans it is not so much and big money, however, it’s always nice to receive them anyway, but maybe they are even very necessary to someone.

The annual payments of this natural rent are made on the basis of the previously adopted law of the authorities of this state of the USA. This money is being paid by the Alaska Stability Fund, which was founded 42 years ago. It receives 25% of the profit from the “black gold” sold by this state and half of the money goes to payments to all citizens of Alaska, and the amount for all is the same. By the way, payments each year vary and this depends on the received income of this fund for the last 5 years, as well as on the number of people living in the state at the moment.

There are some conditions that applicants for these funds are required to adhere to. Firstly, the money is not paid. Secondly, in order to receive such income, it is necessary to live in this state for at least one year. And, thirdly, for the received income from the sale of oil it will then be necessary to pay the tax.

It is reported that for the past 17 years, every resident of Alaska received 25,874 dollars of oil money and for many, of course, they are not superfluous.

You can draw an analogy with the situation in Russia and in this “oil” state of Alaska. After all, it is already estimated that Russia’s natural resources are estimated at more than 75 trillion US dollars and here Russia occupies the first place in the world, however, we have never received payments from sales of these resources abroad. Some Russians still receive such payments, for example, all members of the board of the state-owned company Rosneft, which receive about $ 570,000 a month in terms of US dollars as compensation for their hard work. A good “increase in future pension, is not it?”

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